When your cover is blown; To be exposed of; Found out about; To get caught.

Specifically applies to that of criminals, spies, moles, undercover police, etc.
Kathy and Jonathan found their front door open as they returned home from a movie. Apprehensive, they walked inside only to see a burglar slipping out the back window saying, "I've been made"!

Kimberly was caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar at grandma's. She's been made.
by mlexbrooke June 24, 2017
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When someone rat's you out. When someone throw's you under the bus.
When someone tells the boss on you, your boss calls you into the office. You come out of your bosses office exclaiming I've been Boesch'ed
by Boesch'ed Again May 9, 2009
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i have been the victim of a scam and have suffered some ill result.
she told me this ring was real gold, but it's turning my finger green! i've been had!
by hiddenpaw February 19, 2009
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Being surprised/slapped with an close to impossible task which can be accomplish only with the use of magic, voodoo or some sort of conjuration.
My boss came to me yesterday, I've been whammied !
by Granit April 3, 2014
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A phrase spoken by supervisors requiring workers to complete massive amounts of changes to a task near completion.
Hey man, Boss man just walked in my office and said "I've been thinking" about our original approach to the project.
by JayMoCrazy May 18, 2010
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When Jim Romenesko's news industry blog mentions your name or your newspaper's name with a link to your website.
"Wow, Jim Romenesko linked to my oped piece in the Times today, first time that ever happened! Can't wait to tell my friends that I've been Romenesko'd."

-- overheard in a newsroom in Manhattan, March 12, 2010
by PRwiz101 March 30, 2010
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