a girl with a vulumptcious bottom
damn look at numba 9, she gots a phatty
by Allie and Marissa November 9, 2007
a large, fat butt that jiggles when you walk
Dang, that girl got a phatty!!
by taijel July 11, 2005
the epitome of all that is cool or great. the height of excellence.
"now THAT is phatty."
"that's one phatty llama you've got there."
by WorldChanger August 24, 2005
"Her ass is phatty", or "Thats phatty"
by Joce November 9, 2002
phatty- adjective; pronounced "fatty"
1. Something big, large, noteworthy or extreme, sometimes unusually so
2. Something "cool", "awesome", "great"
ex: I went to a phatty house party last weekend...they had like 15 kegs!!
ex: Those are some phatty sunglasses...seriously, they're so big that I can't even see your face...
ex: That is the phattest guitar ever. Can I buy it from you?
by chrismarcar March 5, 2007
a large cannabis cigaret
me and timmy sparked up a phatty last night
by XtheOG June 14, 2016