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this word doesn't come from anything to do with the dole or unemployment, it's a north-eastern english word originating from the mining community's use of different types of lamp whilst 'doon the pit'. An early, dangerous lamp nicknamed the Scotch Davy ('Divvie') had a high propensity to explode, and was superseded by safer lamps such as the George Stephenson ('Geordie') lamp. So someone would be unwise to go down a mine with a Davy/Divvie lamp, hence the word coming to mean a daft or silly person. Non-offensive and can be affectionate.
'Ye keep way from me if ye usin a divvy!' (Miners' usage)

'Ha, you're such a divvy' or 'He's a right div.' (Modern usage)
by dominodance June 12, 2010
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Used usually as a Harmless Insult

Usually meaning silly / stupid / idiot

but in a harmless non threatening way
'You forgot the flight path again? lol your such a Divvy!'
by Cookie :) September 28, 2006
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To divide evenly, or to share with everyone.
by Eiden August 07, 2004
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Divvy...a person who is a bit of a waster, or is unemployed. Comes from the dole, which is DIVided to the unemployed. A shorter version of this is the word Divv, which also means the same thing.
Your in this pub all day you divvy....OR

"Your such a fucking divv, you lost your job at the pig farm months ago and your still on the dole.

The libertines song what a waster..second verse....
"What a divvy. What a fucking divv, Talking like a moron, walking like a spiv"
by thatguy_ice March 03, 2006
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adj. meaning acting in a jittery, jumpy, and intimidated manner, while avoiding eye contact and sweating.
Wow, bud. You're really acting divvy today.
by capstoner November 28, 2018
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