I get jittery when I have to piss too bad.
by Promethean Sky March 21, 2008
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Jittery just laid the pwn down on your ass.
by Jittery March 2, 2003
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Jittery, meaning you have taken a large substance of a type of drink of sorts that will make you "jittery" or shaky. Jittery also meaning nervous or impatient
"I'm feeling jittery because of all that pre work-out that I took"
by Cam3ron October 16, 2016
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goosebumps in your brain. your get them when you hear someone sing really good or when you are really stressed and you feel your brain pulsing or shivering.
person1- Did you hear her high note?
Person 2 - Yeah, it gave me jitteries of joy!
by The lazy genius(has no work) September 3, 2020
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Where your girl is so aroused to the point that she starts to fear that she will break into a seizure.
Oh man.........Chad had me so clittery jittery last night I thought I was going to die!
by Skater550 August 29, 2017
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When you're in a 1v1 and you start to get hella nervous and start sweating like a f*cking useless faggot. You then start to deny the fact that you're sh*t at the game even after all your mates just saw you choke and took the fattest L of your life
I was in a 1v1 and got the jittery jays and i choked and took a fat L
by TheFatL September 24, 2016
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