Stephenson is a prophet of the universe. He was sent to the mortal world to lead people into battle against the angels. He is unbeaten and has a striking resemblance to a young Matt Damon. Women hang off his dick, leaving a trail of poon in his wake. He was the cause of the 40 day flood mentioned in the bible. He always wins.
Stephenson Wins.

Guy 1: "Dude, that chick has had a smile on her face all day"
Guy 2: "She probably got with Stephenson"
by JasonBourne7 October 16, 2013
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One of the greatest scientific and historic authors ever. Written novels based on the development of modern science, mathmatics and cryptography.
Neal Stephenson's best books are:
The Baroque Cycle
by crazy_ivan45 September 1, 2005
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A specialty sex move in which the man proceeds to stand as straight as possible, similar to a tree and the female attempts to climb him and repeatably falls back on to his branch.
Dude, I was totally giving my girlfriend the Dr. Stephenson last night and she nearly broke my branch.
by Honest_Abe120 February 16, 2011
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The hottest, most amazing person ever. However, once you get to know him you'll soon find out his massive collection of bearded dragon porn and his unending desire to pound his students heads into pulp.
That nigga looks like a marc stephenson, I wouldn't trust him...
by Ike Stephenson January 31, 2020
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A Stephenson gargoyle is anyone that carries (esp as a wearable device) devices that have Internet-access or other global area network(s) capabilities that they can utilize where-ever they go, esp while traveling. The most common form are smart phones, as of the date of this definition. Includes tablet computers, but not really laptops. Historically, this strictly referred to a computer that's worn, but this was more based on the limitations of miniaturization of computing hardware when the namesake of this term was devised. Worn networking information systems such as smart watches and smart glasses (esp with AR capabilities) are the most accurate examples in modern times.

Originated from a certain group of people in the Neil Stephenson cyberpunk novel Snow Crash: "Gargoyles represent the embarrassing side of the Central Intelligence Corporation. Instead of using laptops, they wear their computers on their bodies, broken up into separate modules that hang on the waist, on the back, on the headset. …they embody the worst stereotype of the CIC stringer. They draw all the attention. The payoff for this self-imposed ostracism is that you can be in the Metaverse all the time, and gather intelligence all the time." Where the 'Metaverse' was the in-story equivalent of an Internet with VR requirements.
"She's covered in computer stuff. Is she a cyborg now?" "She's just wearing the computer; she's more of a Stephenson gargoyle."
by b_b_OK August 23, 2020
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The Life style Everyone wants to live. Rich, Famous, Happy, Healthy, and fit. People dream of getting to this life style but only Stephenson has truly made it all the way.
"Fam he's living that Stephenson Lifestyle"
"nah bro Stephenson's yacht is bigger then his mansion, he ain't made it yet."
by Stephenson steve February 10, 2018
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A girl who smells like shit, too ugly to be true, she has horrible teeth and most of the time she’s farting and even in the classrooms :L cause her bum’s apparently always working but it is just a kinda “scream” which comes from her bum and it means “fuck me”. she’s the biggest slag ever and she has won lots of prizes for being such a slag, she has been on the slag lists since they were created till our days :L she has kept the 1rst place during 4 years consecutively and she’s the biggest slag in the United Kingdom and in the world, she has established a new record never seen before as the girl who has seen more cocks in the world, she has seen more cocks than a porn actress though some people say that Clare has seen more cocks than a male public toilet :L this is said by those who have fucked Clare and because of it they have arranged a meeting: the annual meeting “I fucked Clare Stephenson ” where those who have fucked clare can go there and tell their stories about having sex with Clare Stephenson :L
1st Example.

Girl 1: Look that girl's such a slag, she has slept around with lots of boys.

Girl 2: yer, she's a right Clare :/.

2nd Example.

Boy 1: im going to go to the annual meeting I fucked Clare

Boy 2: You fucked what? |: where the fuck are you going?

Boy 1: I've fucked Clare Stephenson so i will go to the annual meeting for those who have fucked her.

Boy 2: Could i go mate?

Boy 1: NO! you havent fucked Clare :/

Boy 2: oh :(
by ThePunisherColxx November 3, 2011
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