The frustrating event of your significant other monopolizing the use of your possession or property that normally would be yours to use whenever you wish.
When your live in girlfriend uses your personal PC even though there is an extra functional computer in the house. "I had to check my e-mail from the basement PC, due to Rachel usage."

When the husband takes to watching the game on the small kitchen TV over the oven. "I missed out on the soap operas while I was cooking dinner due to Fred usage."

Your jobless and carless boyfriend keeps taking the car. "I'd love to meet you at the restaurant, but can't make it due to Craig usage."

When X uses Y. "I could have done Y, but could not due to X usage."
by Steve Berg June 9, 2007
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An object that only works when it wants to work
My Juul has selective usage man, it's old and I totally need to buy a new one.
by RainStick June 9, 2019
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When two or more people use each other for sex. It is considered ok, because all of the parties consent to being used and in turn use the other parties involved. There are no feelings involved in mutual usage; it's just for kicks.
I slept with Arnold last night, and he didn't call me today. It's ok, though. I was using him too. It was totally mutual usage!
by Julesrules611 January 17, 2007
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when somebody uses you for a short period and then runs away
you are such a usage and abusage , man
by shaniqua parisian rebok February 21, 2008
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What MySpace puts in place to stop spammers by limiting how many comments, friend requests, and messages a person can send in a given day or timeframe.

Basically it's MySpace's way of saying "get the fuck off and get a fucking life"
*person tries to send a message*
Person: sounds great, see you there
MySpace: Warning, you have exceeded your daily usage limit
Person: fuck you Tom
by applealex February 7, 2010
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Refers to where you open a can of soup or fish wif a can opener even though said tasty-comestibles container has a built-in pull-tab.
Employing da "redundant can-opener usage" action isn't necessarily always a silly or time/effort-wasting operation --- it eliminates da hazardously-sharp torn-metal edge, and thus it can enable you to more-safely empty out da can's contents without risking cutting yourself (great for if you're having young and therefore-more-easily-injured children helping you prepare da meal), plus it allows you to more-thoroughly clean out da can instead of wastefully leaving a ring of perfectly-edible food inside da slightly-encroaching-into-da-can's-interior rim of da can.
by QuacksO December 30, 2022
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It is an alliance in discord made of 15+ discord servers, USAG meaning United Soviet Alliance Group was founded in October 20 2020 with the founders being @Semaiel, @The Diabectic Undying☭,@BruhEmperor, and @James Stalin.
Although James Stalin Betrayed Us and rebel against us, we won against his rebellion but he left USAG. We have won 3 wars in the past, and 2 stalemates. Join Us Now and prosper!
Join the USAG alliance discord alliance now!
by BruhEmperor November 23, 2020
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