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Actually originates from prison slang in the UK. A job often given to the lowest inmates was to put cardboard dividers into boxes. Someone given this job was a 'divider' or a 'div'. Now used as an insult to those who display stupidity.
Oh you fucking div, you broke my ribs!
by tOmmy April 25, 2004
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Div is a scouse word for idiot. It is short for divvy which in turn is a corruption of Deva. The Deva Hospital was a well known mental hospital (since renamed the West Cheshire Hospital) on the outskirts of Chester. Chester was founded by the Romans who named it Deva. Go on - you're impressed, aren't you!
You must be a right div to waste yer time writing out definitions that nobody gives a toss about.
by Oscar Plankton III October 22, 2004
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Derived from "individual needs child", a cruel schoolyard insult. Not at all politically correct.

Someone who's "not quite normal", an idiot, spaz, etc.
You're such a div, you can't find your arse with either hand.
by Anon2 July 11, 2006
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Abbreviation for Divergence, an important concept in vector calculus.

Div expresses the expansion (or contraction) of stuff inside of a volume.
Magnets fucking work because the divergence of an electric field is proportional to charge!
by Kethis January 28, 2011
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