a slang term that refers to The Marijuanas.
"Yo dude, that bud was fucking fire. I am zooted, bro."
"Fuck carts, bud is the way to go."
"I've had a terrible day. I need some bud."
by havinagoodtime February 13, 2019
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usually used in a degrading manner to put someone below yourself. (can be used as buddy as well)
Person 1"I think that's stupid"
Person 2"Okay bud"

Person 3"Damn"
by okaybena December 7, 2020
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~1. A womans clitorus, the small protrusion. 'to suck on the "bud" gives a woman great delight'
~2. Your friend, 'hey buddy'
~3. short for Budweiser, American beer. "Gimme a bud"
1. Suck the bud as she parts her lips
2. Hi bud
3. "Gimme a bottle o' bud"
by Ponce April 26, 2005
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1. Friend, pal, chum. Shortened from "buddy."

2. The dried and cured, unpolinated flowering portion of the marijuana plant that contain the highest concentration of D9-trans-tetrahydrocannabinol, Cannabidiol, and Cannabinol, the primary psychoactive ingredients of the Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica plants.
1. Karen and I have been buds since elementary school.

2. Let's smoke a little of this killer bud before the jazz concert.
by Tony S. February 3, 2004
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1. marijuana (cannabis sativa)
2. rudiment of a flower, shoot or foliage; a leaf or flower not fully open.
3. the preferred part of the marijuana plant to smoke.
They provided me with excellent buds. I can recommend my dealer to you.
by justine meg selv August 1, 2005
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another name for pot, weed, ganja, maijuana, maryjane, exc...
Let's go pick up some bud.
by kaitlin t May 16, 2005
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