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Someone who lives off of others like a parasite, continually taking advantage of their generosity and good will.
"You need to tell your new boyfriend to get a job! He's taking advantage of you! He's a total sponger!"
by FoxLily July 07, 2013
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A person who repeatedly borrows things. Often a person who also doesnt return them and adopts the attitude that you exist solely as a free equipment supply warehouse.

This stems from an underlying attitude problem where the person believes they will get away with whatever they can, to get through life.

This is not to be confused with genuine forgetfulness, where a person will feel openly guilty when borrowing from you and will buy their own gear immediately afterwards.

This person comes under the category as a pseudofriend

Possible solutions include openly embarrasing the person infront of others, or lend them broken gear. Embarrasment doesnt always work as they have no pride in themselves, and they will always return something that's broken as they will have no use for it.
What a bloody sponger?! Every day he asks to borrow something and I never get it back.

Sod off! I'm not a walking stationery shop you sponger!
by missadventure November 01, 2006
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A far superior beign to that of the surfer. They are able to launch later, ride deeper and catch higher airs then anyone with a board longer then 48".
Dude, that sponger rips like a real bad ass. You see how deep he was in that tube? Unreal!
by BZboy October 13, 2003
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An unemployed person who has made no effort to get a job, and sponging benefit money from the Government.
I hate that wanker Mike. He's a right sponger.
by Dick Harry Ho February 02, 2004
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bodyboarder,aka sponger. Due to genetic inadequacy, was never able to grow large enough balls to become a full fledged surfer. Habitat- shitty breaks where can be seen performing signature l-rollo's, flailng belly spins and roasting pole.
Dude, i just speared that sponger as he tryed to drop in on me from way out side.

bodyboarder that pushes water aerial manuvers to the limit, that rides a versatile board that can take off/launch off on any hallow thick waves like shark island, Teahupoo, wedge and can come out from a really deep barrels. overall another outcast of sports media society.
by f1 May 08, 2003
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A big, or large penis. Having been graced in the dick region. Often referred to being able to consume large amounts of water with the dick.
-You're a Sponger!!

-Damn right, Ill soak up this whole ocean with my big ol' dick!
by Neked February 20, 2013
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A person or persons engaged in the lucrative surreptitious obfuscation and exploitation of adjacent and strategically arranged holders of title or property. Among the natural kingdom the predator and the parasite both share the qualities of a sponger.
I've returned from work to find my home in a state of disarray and bedlam, only too blame are my sponger inlaws and they're incessant persistence.
by Mrstuffandthings February 23, 2019
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