su· per· sede | \ˌsü-pər-ˈsēd \
superseded; superseding;

Definition of supersede

transitive verb

1 -a : to cause to be set aside

-b : to force out of use as inferior
2 : to take the place or position of
3 : to displace in favor of another
"Studies that are wrong will be superseded by better studies with different results. Studies that are right will be corroborated by other good studies."
by Ajeje Brazov November 15, 2018
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Anyone 16 years or older that acts the same way as a twelve, like dresses slutty, pretends to do adult shit when she really doesn't do shit. Basically a twelvie that never got over themselves
Bro 1: Man she's soo hot, look at all of the shit she does! I wander what she's like in bed ;)
Bro 2: Bruh, she's just a superseded twelvie, she's an overgrown slutty twelve year old..
Bro 1: That's so shit man, hate them.
by LawdJeebus July 11, 2014
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When the grants of an intellectual will guarantee that a sufficient amount of morons belive his/her argument when its flatearthing the topic. You will get superseded.

Also the act of being on the right place while your girl misses the point.
I saw you got superseded by this "PhD" but still was complete bullshit. What a bunch of whimsicals

- We were discussing about the topic but I couldn't get her attention
- Mate, you got superseded
by sloworek November 29, 2021
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