When something or someone causes you to smirk inside and out. Also causes you to relive the event.
The old man that had ant features for a face lunged at his mistress and shamelessly pawed at her all over while smothering his face on her upper body like a dog or a really fat chick over a milk bone. Amusing.
by pkbomba February 16, 2009
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to make someone laugh
to interest or give pleasure to
I was amused at the monkey's antics.
They amused themselves playing cards.
by Renato BR October 24, 2007
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Having fun, making fun of someone.
Jabs behavior at parties may have put some people off, but his amusive personality always brought a laugh and livened up the atmosphere, just at someone else's expense.
by DMennen November 22, 2010
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A face caused by an event in which one or more people try to be funny or amusing, and one or more people on the receiving side give a combination the death stare and vagrancy that simply says "Fuck You, Please Die Now."
I was at one of those school presentations and when the principal made a joke, everyone was Not Amused.
by Bass Drop Donnie August 5, 2012
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The state of being both in arusal and amused. Sexually arused by something that is also amusing.
Yaoi midgit porn makes old man penis feel amusal.
by Tia January 5, 2004
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Amuse - French for appetizer - it relates to taking a bump or pinch. Take a bump of sosa from a key or a credit card.
"Hey, D you want an amuse before hitting the club???"
by Benderover July 25, 2005
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