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exactly the same as 'fuck' but so much more fun to use.

originating from Ireland and put to great and hilarious use in the excellent show 'Father Ted', mainly by Father Jack, it is an excellent way to swear, as you can express exactly the same amount of frustration that you would through using 'fuck', but you don't get in trouble - great!

"feck this, i'm off to the pub"
by parlez February 17, 2005

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the feeling that murder is a perfectly acceptable solution to your problems due to anyone and everyone being so bloody annoying.
"i would advise you not to mess with me at this particular moment in time as i am mightly PISSED OFF!!"
by parlez February 17, 2005

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an extremely talented cockney ragamuffin comedian with razor sharp timing and the cheekbones to match, noel fielding is one half of the amazing Mighty Boosh (the other half being the fabulous Julian Barratt).

the pointy-faced Noel plays all manner of curious characters in The Mighty Boosh radio, tv and live shows, the main one being Vince Noir; Rock N Roll Star/Goth Fairy/Electro Poof
( a few other examples for ya: an evil green cockney manwitch, a mexican sex-crazed bongo player and a funky transexual merman :D)

Noel is also a celebrated stand-up in his own right, with his surreal and fantastical style enchanting pretty much anyone who has the fortune of seeing him perform.

i think you may be able to tell from the above gushing that he's also a tad gorgeous. actually, make that friggin' HOT. in a pointy way.

"noel fielding has girl hair and wears makeup...why oh why is he still so blummin' attractive?!"

"Vince Noir..........Electro Poof"

"I'm a cockney geezer, watch me bleed yer!"

"I'm Old Greeeeeeegg!"
by parlez April 17, 2006

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a completely fantabulous actor who can light up an entire film by simply smiling, speaking, or even breathing. he thoroughly deserves all of the praise he is given, and is way too cool to be bothered by any of the mindless criticism thrown his way.

Johnny is God.
All praise Johnny Depp.
for further proof/convincing, please refer to any of his films, as they are all fantastic.
by parlez January 03, 2005

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the most slappable pirate out there, and the only one who seems to know where the waterproof eye-liner's at...
"Me? I'm just dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest.....honestly"
by parlez December 03, 2003

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the best way to say 'shit' without getting told off, as you can simply say that you were trying out being Irish for the day.

also, see feck
"what a load of shite"
by parlez February 17, 2005

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a very talented and well-known canadian comic actor (whose face-pulling abilities have often earnt him the label 'rubber-faced'...a surprisingly accurate description)
he has been recognized by just about everyone everywhere as both a fantabulous funny guy and impressively serious actor. go jim.
a selection of funny guy films:
~ The Mask
~ Liar Liar
~ The Grinch
~ Ace Ventura
~ Bruce Almighty
~ A Series of Unfortunate Events

a selection of serious actor films:
~ The Truman Show
~ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
~ Man On The Moon
by parlez January 21, 2005

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