What happens to your pupils when you use ecstacy.
"Man, are my pupils dialted?"
by Diego August 16, 2003
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When you have to take a massive dump and the turd is right on the brink of exiting your poop shoot.
Man, I am like dilated to about a 9!!Where is the crapper?
by TIMMAY69 August 28, 2005
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The expanding of the vagina or anus by means of inserting plugs that are gradually larger, or by inserting a plug that can be expanded by a ratchet or a pump.
While inflating that butt plug for dilation the sub came instantly.
by DOMRichard February 8, 2015
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telling someone to type more, usually responded to a wall of text in an arguement.
tranny: holy fucking shit oh my god transgenders should have rights and if you do you are transphobic, sexist, racist, xenophobic, and homophobic. it literally does not affect you what someone decides to do with their life like someone could shoot up a school and why should you care? its not affecting you. just learn to mind your own business like a sane human being you bigot

gigachad: dilate
by iseebro March 14, 2022
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The time at which you're waiting to use the bathroom to go poop and someone is currently using the toilet.
Hey, can you hurry up in there?! I am dilating big time!
by thee_agrizzle August 27, 2012
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To express severe, negative behavior towards something, such that one freaks out and eyes dilate; I.E. seethes and copes.
Dipshit 1: Pineapple belongs on pizza! Agree with me or you have no taste!

by Unused Psuedonym December 15, 2021
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Used by Iggy Pop in an old CBC interview with Peter Gzowski to mean "a stiff" or "one who is uptight." Used in the below quoted lyrics to mean nothing in particular.
"can you remember a time when this city was
a great place for architects and dilatants"
-Death From above 1979's "Black History Month"

Why do you have to be such a dilatant? Studying is for twats.
by Max(well) January 17, 2006
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