Simply summarized by: a ghetto bitch who thinks she looks so good or is all that.

See: "Hot cheeto girl" "ghetto girl" "bitch" "douche"

May exhibit some of these:
-attitude or sassy or smart mouthed
-can be childish
-Rude or crude
-obnoxious (loud) or unruly
-thinks they are so pretty, or everyones eye candy
-mean girl behavior (spiteful, mean, cruel, manipulative, deceitful) especially to other females..
-indirect or direct aggression,
- wanting to fight over nothing (ghetto mentality)
-always has a beef with other ratchet females (can be over whos prettier or boy drama)
-dramatic or messy
-finds it funny or cute to be rude, mean, or spiteful to others (often found cackling with other ghetto douches) (*pfft* sound)
-head or eye rolling, lip smacking
-long nails, long ass eyelashes
-may be low class, or ghetto fabulous (weave, bright colored hair, or changes their hair or its color super often)
-snapchat stories are toxic wastefield
-might be dumb asf

Basically a douchebag if they were ghetto....
Stay away from these types of females.....
You: *looks at a ratchet girl*
Them: "Boo the fuck"
by Eydropz February 11, 2022
Diminutive of "wretched": of poor character; nasty; dirty; foul; morally reprehensible.
It's just a matter of time before these ratchet kids you hanging with get you in trouble.
by pseudoraphael December 2, 2014
A ghetto girl who is loud and obnoxious and constantly causing drama and usually trashy.
A ratchet girl would wear a sweat suit and talk like this: " o hell naw i know that bitch was not talking to my man I finna beat her ass, ooo she is so fake."
by real things April 10, 2012
adj. a term for someone who is either 1. a whore 2. dirty/nasty 3. ghetto as HELL 4. being annoying 5. busted
Example 1:
*whore/ obvious prostitute walks by*
friend: she mad ratchet!!!
other friend: i know right ew

Example 2:

*kid being annoying*
girl: you bein mad ratchet!
boy: no u ratchet
*and it goes on for like 10 minutes

Example 3:

* busted car drives by *

girl: that is the most ratchet-ass car i've seen
boy: i'm glad we dont have one like that
by damn.she.ratchet<3 August 24, 2012
adjective. a person (or activity) that is in general, over the top, out of control hood/ghetto, gritty, and unapologetically so

antonym. bourgeois

Hurricane Chris.

In a sentence:

"I live for 1/2 off drinks on Big Booty Tuesdays. I'm so ratchet!"
by baptastic December 6, 2012
The term 'ratchet' has no less than two distinct meanings. As an adjective, it describes a person, usually a woman, or activity, who is out of hand, out of control, generally whack in some way, dirty, ghetto, unattractive, Crucian, or just generally disliked. As a verb, or a direct object ("do tha ratchet, yeah, do tha ratchet..."), the term serves to identify or describe the dance craze--and the movements associated herewith-- of the Ratchet.
A person, usually a woman, who is dirty, ghetto, unattractive, or just generally disliked.
"Man, did you see that chick?!"
"Oh, her? Yeah, man she's ratchet."
by ratchet R us April 30, 2012
a term used for a gun, cannon ,blow torch, tool
Heard that nigga came through squeezing on a ratchet
by yooulookin October 31, 2015