Hello, friend. If you've arrived at this definition, then you don't know how to spell poop chute. That's okay; it's a common error. People often become confused because shoot and chute are homophones. In addition, the idea of one's butt as "poop shoot" does make sense on some level if one imagines the asshole as a sort of gun that shoots poop as a projectile. This sort of thinking, however, is misguided. In actual fact, the imagery from which this slang term is derived envisions one's butthole as a chute from which poop is discarded.
Remember, kids, it's "poop chute," not "poop shoot." The more you know...
by TobyTheRobot June 13, 2007
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Don't fool yourself girl, it's going up your poop shoot - (Thank you Frank Zappa)
by Poopsie Smidgaphorius March 8, 2005
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A gay mans favorite body part. The ass hole.
Hey baby, ever had your poop shoot licked by a fat man in an overcoat?


My faggot cousin Neal, takes in the poop shoot.
by Lance Thabian April 14, 2006
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Where your poop comes out. Its another word for anus.
"There was alot of poop coming out of your poop shoot today"
by Forrest Gump December 9, 2005
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Brian bowers likes takin the wanker in the poop shoot.
by bigworm March 17, 2003
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Knows as the anus.Or bumm hole where you shit.
Mommy I need to take a shit my Poop shoot is full. lmao
by john messenger October 11, 2006
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