When you can’t express the phatness of the booty
That bitch is expanded!!!!
by Digbickpappi January 24, 2019
stupid hunk of metal in someones mouth, with is often troublesome. Used to expand the width of your mouth to make space for more teeth, usually followed by braces.
by you don't care August 18, 2003
To explain in further detail.
BF: Bae I was at the strip club last night
Bae: Expand...
by Vyrotek March 26, 2017
Can you expand that please?
by Belf September 27, 2013
A word that is used in a sentence involving expanding in a large amount.
by AFreakingCookie June 21, 2019
To expand a shit ton, or to expand very rapidly.
by dfordium July 8, 2020
To edit the text in an image and rearrange the letters to spell a nonsensical and often sexually suggestive/explicit phrase. Similar to the recurring gag that appears in the children’s book series “Captain Underpants”, but more risqué. The original “Expand Dong” was morphed from text found on the box cover of Donkey Kong 64.

sbubby is a variant of Expand Dong that focuses on corporate logos.
That “Thicc Mintsimage is one of the best examples of expand dong that I’ve ever seen.
by Baconfry February 6, 2019