The closest to God any human will ever be on Earth. A musical Jesus who can probably talk the pope into saying "Iggy is the fucking man".

Best known for his song Lust for life.
Also did songs such as:
Search and Destroy
I Wanna be Your Dog
The Passenger.

Was also mentioned ALOT in the movie Trainspotting which he did some songs in.
To be like Iggy Pop is impossible. Trying is useless.
by Jesuslizardbaby December 14, 2008
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Real name James Oaserberg or something like that. Iggy b/c he was drummer (yes drummer) in a band called the Iguanas. After seeing the Doors in concert, was mezmerized and started his own band, the Stooges, which inspired all punk bands and basically there would be no punk without them, but they were not punk, there's no genre for that level of greatness. The first punk band that was punk, not proto-punk, was the Ramones. Not Stooges MC5 or Velvet Underground, tho they laid out the basics.
Jim Morrison: "Wanna see it! Right then(whips it out and jerks off) YOUR ALL FUCKING SLAVES!!!"

Iggy Pop: "Will outdo Jim Morrison and live to tell the tale"

(Stooges concert)

Iggy: (smeared in blood and peanut butter wearing only a thong and receiving oral sex): "NOW I WANNA BE YOUR DOG!!!"
by Tony Ramone July 12, 2005
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A beer/soda can or bottle that has been used as an ashtray and has one or more discarded cigarette butts floating in it.
"Ewwww. Fuck!!! (followed by vigirous spitting) I just drank an Iggy Pop!"
by Queend August 4, 2012
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Frontman to the Stooges, and a steady solo artist whose most prominent album was Lust For Life. This song, with a little clever censorship, became the anthem for cruises. what a disgrace.
His name derives from his band before the stooges, the iguanas.
"here comes johnny yen again, with those liqour and drugs"

"iggy pop!"
by Johnny Valentine May 3, 2005
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backed up by the stooges, they were might have been the first punk band ever, but dont forget about the velvet underground and the MC5!!
iggy pop is like....WOAH MAN!!...??
by john merrick August 21, 2003
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American singer, famous as the frontman of The Stooges and as a solo artist, who has been recording since 1967. Many consider him the Father of Punk Rock. I must say he is pretty damn good.
Great tracks include 'Lust for Life', 'The Passenger', 'Search and Destroy', 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' and loads more.
by BadLieutenant October 18, 2004
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(n.) Old wrinkly guy who acts like he's some sex god addonis.

(adj.) To be worth a million in prizes.

(adj.) to be just a modern guy

(n.) To be a sex machine who drives a GTO, beats ones brains with liqour and rugs etc.
I'm worth a million in prizes
Yeah, I'm through with sleeping on the sidewalk
No more beating my brains
No more beating my brains
With liquor and drugs
With liquor and drugs
by Gumba Gumba May 28, 2004
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