a very quick period of time.no hestation.
he answered instantly.
by muratfeyzinur October 7, 2008
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it’s basically in most of dharr mans titles, for short it’s like karma
some random thief: hahahaha I’ll steal your money
random man: noooo please you’ll instantly regret it
thief: *instantly regrets it*
by imFal June 9, 2021
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1)noun-A businessman that earns profit by supplying the demand for sexual favors by providing paying clients(tricks)a supply of women(hoes)to indulge themselves with. Also, protects and provides for the needs of a hoe whereby she can earn her pay. 2)noun-A term of endearment and comradery used amongst young males. 3)noun-A complimentary term used to identify a man who dates or has sex with several different women whether they know or not.(see NOTE) 4)verb-To walk with a bounce in one's step as to denote coolness. 5)verb-To work or struggle persistantly with something untill success is achieved. The addition of any suffix -ing, -ish, etc. will generally mean something that is hip, cool, in style, or looks good. NOTE: the word is often confused with the term player(see def. 3). Many non game oriented people and haters often get the two confused. A player IS NOT a pimp anymore than a paralegal is an attorney or a nurse is a doctor. Also, the true term pimp incorperates a very broad spectrum. Because as all halfway competent adults should know sex is sold in many forms and places, not just on street corners in the hood. So whether you're some jilted, feminist bitch or some conservative, self righteous, republican asshole or just a hater in general DON'T KNOCK PIMPIN. It's just another capitalistic endevour and a way to achieve financial independence and after all isn't that what America is all about.
1. My uncle used to be a pimp and kept hoes on the track, but he ain't got shit on Hugh Hefner.
2. "What's crackin, pimp."
3. My cousin got 4 numbers at the club last night, that nigga is a pimp.
4. I seen your boy pimpin down the street.
5. I had to pimp the shit out of my oil filter before I could get it on.
by DJ Serious Bizness December 9, 2004
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Usually found in popular Roblox games. At any certain point in time, a bot can join, paste this, and leave.
(This is what can be seen in chat when the scam happens)
SERVER stupidgreedyboy69I has joined the game.
stupidgreedyboi69I just got TONS of ROBUX using rblx.gg! Visit rblx.gg on your browser to generate TONS of ROBUX instantly!
SERVER stupidgreedyboy69I has left the game.
by Supertrain12 December 24, 2019
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