Loyalty, love, deep commitment. << and Will if you’re reading this, I am absolutely devoted to you with all my heart and soul :)
the amount of devotion I have for him is amazing <3
by sle3ppyy March 23, 2021
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especially in baptist churches and churches with a mainly african-american congregation, devotion is the part of service in a church before the actual, normal and general service. any church member is free to come to the pulpit and share how good God has been to them and what he has done for them. This is also called testifying and hence this part of service is also often referred to as testimony or testimonial part of service. Apart from sharing their testimony, they can sing a song to praise God and thank him for being in their lives.
Chiiild, last night during devotion Sista Betty got up and sang the song from the Coco Pops commercial - I swear she did.
by ledahimalia July 16, 2011
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1. dedicating time and effort to a certain subject
2. strongly attached
he's a devoted man to his Faith, family, and friends
by *grin* February 6, 2004
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Give all or large part of one's time
" I wanted to devote more time to my family"
by Rebecca Colwell September 24, 2015
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Also known as vjjsecd. Devotion is a group of related Power Rangers established in the 90's.
Teddy: "Hey, mind if i sit?"
Viet: "Devotion members only. Find another chair."
by TremaineNeverson July 6, 2011
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Loyally committed as are tenacious hangers-on to the 20th Century electro-pop/punk band, DEVO.
"I must say that members of the DEVO Fan Club are quite DEVOTED."
by Chingo Bolemongo October 5, 2006
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