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the equivalent of a myspace comment on hi5 (aka the latin & asian myspace).

however, hi5 testimonials differ from myspace comments in that you must say something incredibly nice about the person. It cant just be "hey, what's up?" it has to be something great like, "You have been my friend for years, I love you so much, you're the best" and so on. Also, people compete over how many testimonials they have on hi5 because, if you have more testimonials, it means that a lot of people love you a lot because they have written really nice stuff about you.
Here are some examples:

Standard myspace comment:
3/22/2006 8:02 PM

Hello my brazilian friend.

Standard hi5 testimonial:
Hey dude. Yeah, I hadnt come up with the words to say it but I want to tell you that you are a kickass friend. You always hear me whine about life so much, and I really appreciate your patience and wisdom. Im really grateful that I got to know you (even if the first impression sucked) because you've turned out to be one of my best friends!
by humans are scary June 07, 2006
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