pulpit is small elevated platform in Church, mosque, etc. where clergy speaker stands to express or read text.
The speech by noble priest from pulpit, on humanity with law and order and code of conduct and forgiveness,is a relax to audience.
by afzal October 18, 2006
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pulpiteer (noun)

One who is gifted in preaching sermons from a pulpit. a great orator.
You will not fall asleep listening to the pulpiteer, Reverend Smith.
by Mike Elder March 22, 2008
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One who uses the religious pulpit as a means by which to convey his/her point.
Listen to that pulpiteer; he said "God Damn America". He's one hell of a social gospelizer.

He's not a puppeteer, but rather a pulpiteer.
by Mike Kraxy March 24, 2008
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A person who takes every opportunity to moralize or lecture on any subject without request or invitation.
He's off again on the value of investing in sand and glass, a pulpiteer to the end..
by Pendlehinio April 19, 2019
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A minister that take the Bible out of context intentionally to convince the congregation they CAN'T be blessed unless they give money to HIS ministry!
Joan's Pastor is a serious Pulpit Pimp, he asked her to give her mortgage money to the Building Fund, and said God would supply her needs!
by Mark HS June 9, 2012
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Teddy Roosevelt used the term "bully" as an adjective to mean "wonderful" or "superb", and coined the term "bully pulpit" to mean a terrific platform from which to advocate an agenda.

An alternate definition of "bully" as a noun means someone who harasses or intimidates. The modern definition of "bully pulpit" reflects the misuse of the church pulpit by unenlightened preachers to bully followers into submitting to their twisted views.
I used to enjoy going to church until the preacher started using the bully pulpit to rail against homosexuals. This is not the message of Jesus! I have plenty of gay friends who are the kindest, most generous people you could know. I don't attend church anymore.
by tnunnster May 2, 2010
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A term coined by musician Ryan Dain, referring to religious individuals who take evangelism to almost militant heights.
Some pulpit warriors showed up at my door today-took me an hour to get them to leave.
by Gwillamjones June 25, 2009
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