She was tenacious about her college work, and it paid off as she graduated with honors.
by Quixotica July 10, 2006
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Roguish. Person of determined demeanor with ability to think on-the-fly in many situations.
That one-legged man sure has is tenacious when getting swag at the comic cons!
by dafydd hywel August 17, 2010
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Tightly Bound Together, Exceptionally tight.
Kobe is up against some Tenacious Defence tonight.
The Lips on that girl are Tenacious
by Mightyted April 8, 2003
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Someone who is fired up and ready to rumble. They are always on the ball.
He is playing tenacious defense on him!!!!!!!!
by Gene Hackman February 2, 2006
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The gripping or holding firmly of an item.
Why tenacious when you can be magically delicous.
by --a0a-- February 26, 2003
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desciption of outstanding helmut
Martha is a wonderful lass...she gives tenacious helmut
by Snapper January 7, 2005
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When i went to the mall, i bought a pair of tenacious.
by glowstickit July 21, 2001
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