Actually getting out of bed. Used to distinguish from waking up.
Brad: When did you wake up today?
Anthony: I woke up at 10 but I got up at 11:30
by NUkid1 January 15, 2011
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usually spoken by gays or homosexuals meaning that they have a foreign object in their ass
Dude, yesterday I got ups in my day-z's. It felt so good.
by moslinda poik May 13, 2008
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A saying many homosexuals use to say they got penetrated in the booty
Homosexual- Hey i got ups in my day-Z's
Friend- from who!?
by Upsiez May 12, 2008
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When someone intentionally ignored you, when he/she promised to meet you, but did not show up at the appointed time. Especially on a date.
It looks like I got stood up or maybe she's just late - I'll wait another 10 minutes.
by Kurt Janoski October 29, 2022
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