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A super intelligent and down-to-earth girl, who will make any person feel important. She is kind and caring to every person who talks to her, and inevitable make any guy she talks to in love with her. Unfortunately, in most cases Faiths are way too cool, popular, and beautiful for most guys and will likely already be taken. This creates an incredibly sad situation for any guy friend, because they will have to deal with the fact that all they will ever be able to do is love her from a distance.
"You are 93 years old and you never married, why?"
"I met a Faith, and no woman could ever compare"
by Base36 February 09, 2021
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She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She reminds you of what God brings in your life, and have hope for what will be in the future. If you are dating her, you are in love because it is God given. People are only jealous of who she is due to how much grace and beauty she holds. She is a delicate rose, one that even an angel would love to show themselves in order to pick up this gorgeous flower. She brings joy from heaven and love from God. She let’s you know she won’t let you go. And she knows her man loves her. Truly a blessing. Don’t betray her, she won’t betray you. She is loyal and deserves only the best. If you are fake with her, she is real to you. She has God’s discernment, and her man will protect her;).
Someone: “If only I could have a real friend that is godly and kind...”
Another: “Well Faith is definitely a name that you find grace in, she is amazing!”
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by JacksonT March 18, 2021
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Faith is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is literally so caring and will always wanna be there by your side. She will literally light up your day whenever you are sad. Everyday you wake up you will be the happiest guy in the world just knowing that she is in your life. Well basically i have been with her before and she was the best thing to ever happen to me so if she is in your life than you are extremely lucky. She will make you the happiest girl on earth and will make you never wanna forget her because of how perfect she is. She will be the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She has the greatest personality . you will love her for the rest of your life and will probably wanna marry her.( like i did) but anyways she is just so perfect and is just the best girl in the whole world. She is just everything a guy could ever ask for. She will be so perfect for you that she will be your angel and just mean everything to you. She is a girl that will probably be your future wife so be prepared. I hope whatever guy she is with loves her as much as i did so plz treat her right.
Person 1- do you see that girl over there her name is faith
Person 2- omg isint faith just the most beautiful girl you have ever seen
Preston- omg yes faith is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen

Person 3- i wish faith was mine
Preston- well faith is mine buddy so you can go and sit down in the corner right over there
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by Faithisbae December 01, 2018
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Faith is the most kindest girl you will ever meet. She is beautiful inside and out, and has a great sense of humor. She fight for her friend and for what she believes. She is very fun to be around. She is her own person. She can make you smile any time even if you are mad. Faith also smiles even when she want to cry. She is the best friend anyone could ask for, and she is beautiful all the way around.
Faith is the best friend anyone could ask for.
by Badass girl 14 October 25, 2017
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Faith is one of the greatest human beings anyone could ever ask for. She is so insanely sweet and nice. She would do anything for her best friends and family. She has a beautiful smile and her eyes are stunning to anyone. She has perfect hair and loves to be complimented. She loves to also text her best friends and hates it when they don't reply; but if you're talking to Faith, you will always want to text back. She has a great sense of humor and loves to pop jokes when she is with her friends. She will always have your back in whatever you do. Faith is also a good girl. She doesn't do anything bad and she promises to abstain sex until she is married and is ready for a child. Everything about her family is perfect. She will support you and listen to anything you have to say. If you ever try to hide something, she'll make you tell her. She is extremely good at school, and especially math. She is very confidence and has high self esteem. She is also very good at sports and is probably the best volleyball player in the world. She always smells very good. She loves music and likes about anything. She is a very talented singer and loves choir. She hates when people bite their nails and pop their knuckles. She is very beautiful and astonishing girl and has a great body. Although she regrets a lot of things, she knows she will have a great future. She will make you happy on your worst days. If you have a Faith in you're life, consider yourself to be one of the happiest people alive.
Friend: Hey man are you busy tonight?
Person: Yeah, I'm going to dinner tonight with Faith.
Friend: You are so lucky... Have a great time!
Person: Believe me, I will.
by conner_franke February 03, 2013
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Faith is the most kindest person you will ever meet. She has a great sense in humor ,and is fun to hang around. She is beautiful inside and out. She is her own person, and is a great friend she will do anything for you. Faith also fight for what she believes. Faith is the best she has beautiful black hair and a beautiful smile, and along with that she I beautiful all around l, and has a great personality. Faith is one of the best friend anyone could ask for so if you are friends with Faith I would hold on and never let go.
#beautiful # amazing # funny # fun to be around #a best friend anyone could ask for.
Faith is the best
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by Badass girl 14 October 25, 2017
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