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A really sweet shy guy with amazing eyes he does alot for the one he loves and he does nothing but love his girl to the fullest each and every day he is really funny and really adorable he is a girls dream to have and he is a really good friend and boyfriend he is everything a girl will ever want and need he's simply a dream come true who ever has teddy is extremely lucky and shouldn't let him fall out of her hands she should hold him and treasure him and keep him forever because honestly he is a keeper he will be the love of your life he will be the one to cheer you up when your down and when your down and he will be there to catch every single one of your tears he is simply AMAZING and PERFECT.
by your treasure March 12, 2012
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A guy so sexy that no woman can resist him, nor would they want to, known to cause immense sexual pleasure.
My god, that guy was the best screw I've ever had, he's a real Teddy
by sexyman March 07, 2005
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A very sexy man that no woman can resist. He will be so awesome men want to be him
by Go go go go go go go go go go November 09, 2015
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a code name for a gorgeous guy with a really cute smile and a sexy walk. A teddy would be someone who has good style, along with an awesome voice and hot dance moves.
Duhyam!!!! There goes teddy. Wow, what a shocker! I'd tap that any day.
by aprille lee February 13, 2008
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A guy that is a genius, sexy, funny, huge penis, and the master of pleasure he is so good that you you preheat the oven because he's coming in raw his nickname is poodle tartar because he's raw dogging the girls
"Radinga dinga dinga dinga ding" that's the sound of panties hitting the floor when teddy walks in the library just like a Christmas song
by Tedmister August 04, 2017
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