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"I dunno wumagunadu tonite. I probly just chill in the crib."
"Oh, shizzum, the popos be shown us their partylights.
Wumagunadu? Run!"
by Chingo Bolemongo September 28, 2006
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Used to describe anything bona fide or legit like as a seal of approval.

Originated from Andy Griffith (speaking on a Ritz Cracker TV commercial):
"Mmm-mmmmh. Anything sits good on a Ritz." Supposed to mean Ritzes are so excellent.
IT SITS WELL ON A RITZ refers to being good enough for a Ritz (figuratively).
Not limited to just food.
"I sure do like King Kelly orange marmalade. IT SITS WELL ON A RITZ."
"This Humboldt Purple I gots here SITS ON A RITZ, too. Load a bowl and see for yourself."
"Oh, that's just my cuz. He OK; he SHITS ON THE RITZ."
by Chingo Bolemongo October 5, 2006
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BARTENDER: "Sorry, friend, no more for you tonight."
by Chingo Bolemongo September 30, 2006
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(what's REALLY going on?) used to call bullshit upon denial as in:

a) C'mon, you know me. I'm cool, let me in on the action. Or:

b) I knows you said "nuttin" when I axed you"wazzup?"
So now quit lying to me and break out the shit, son.

ME: "Yo, dawg what's crackalackin, Fingerlickin' Chicken?"
FC: "Naw, ain't a dayamn thing happen here. I gotta keep my nose clean."
ME: "Oh Yeah? WHAT'S REALLY GONON? I ain't yer fuckin' parole officer!"
by Chingo Bolemongo October 5, 2006
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"We saw clowns and midgets and ELFANTS at the circus, today!"
by Chingo Bolemongo September 26, 2006
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To APPOINT one's self. To APPROVE of one's own work.

To position one's self to be one of a few judges who, alone, approve or reject Urban Dictionary entries (including one's own entries).
"It says here that you, or anyone else willing to do the "work", can be a UD "editor", too. That means you can VOTE YOURSELF IN, my man!
by Chingo Bolemongo September 26, 2006
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A sometimes obsessive contributor to Urban Dictionary whose style is more apropros to an Urban Encyclopedia listing or a private blog posting.

Long, rambling opinions fill the page, or pages, required for the URBAN BLOGGER's "definition" -- (including retorts to every previous post).
"Some Urban Dictionary "editors" are really URBAN BLOGGERs."
by Chingo Bolemongo September 26, 2006
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