Tiny pieces of shit still floating around in a toilet after the initial shit has been flushed.
Dude, you need to flush again! You left your coco pops in the toilet bowl.
by Bretty Ack March 17, 2008
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Used to apply to any person or item that, although being successful in a particular field, is not the best there is. Especially relevant when there is a clear dominating person/product etc. in their field.
In the same way that in breakfast cereals, you can eat other cereals, but there's always a voice in the back of your mind saying "it tastes good etm, but it's not Coco Pops."
I enjoyed the band, but they were not Coco Pops
by Stintin November 16, 2010
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the name given to somone with a small coco pop looking mole on there face
oh look here comes coco pop
by wee josh August 08, 2008
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