1. Making something or someone a priority and doing so in small and discrete but meaningful ways.

2. Staying true to someone or something even when other things call attention.

3. A way of showing support for a person or thing.
Keep showing loyalty when friends threaten to be lost; that is the time when they need it most.
by katenatbug October 27, 2015
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Standing by the people and the things you love, even in the darkest times because you're willing to brave the dark shadows and the monsters in darkness, and even in the greatest of times, because you're not afraid to let them shine with an intensity so bright, it scorches the ground they walk on.
When the battle rages, there the soldiers loyalty is proved.
by cadillac_nickname March 11, 2016
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Someone who's stays with you no matter what someone who tells you how it is straight up someone who's been rocking with you when you were nothing or had nothing #loyalty
I need some loyalty ppl in my fuckin life
by Tay18 April 17, 2018
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Loyalty is the state of being ultimately unselfish. It's a bi-product of love that compels someone to place importance in another's well being above even their own - without though, without decision and without question. Loyalty is standing by another person regardless of anything else.
I never openly question whether my husband was right or wrong. He has my loyalty. I stand by him right or wrong. If he's wrong, we'll deal with that later.
by Winter of '17 June 24, 2018
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Something a person will always have for their family friends and the one they will truly love forever ...something that will never be given up and keep you from looking or talking to any wambler
You always will have my loyalty
by Rollin thunder November 20, 2018
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The act of remaining true to your fam
To my family, i will demonstrate LOYALTY
by Loyalty2.0 May 3, 2016
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Something these HOES CAN'T even spell. A dead tradition that ended after marijuana became illegal and everyone became a raging alcoholic.
She has NO loyalty in her blood line, her mommas momma passed on the HOE GENE.
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