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When you say I understand in military speak, you say Copy that.

When you say Woah, hey guys, welcome to EB Games, and the customers want to order something, you say Copy that.
Cashier: Hello and welcome to EB Games, can I help you?
Customer: I'd like to order a Black Ops 3 JuggerNog edition, Gears of War Remastered, Battlefield 1 for the PC, and an Overwatch: Origins Edition for XBOX One.
Cashier: Copy that.
by Copy That August 25, 2016
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Radio slang acknowledgement, meaning "i heard you" or "I understand." Synonymous with "Roger." Often shortened to "copy."
-Sir, we're aout to drop nuclear payload. Shall we proceed, over?
-Negative, you're to return to base immediately! We've got a sandstorm headed your way! Over.
-Repeat, that is a negative, return to base immediately. Do you copy?
-Copy that, HQ. Returning to base.
by mash92587 November 13, 2005
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