A person from the West Indies; a person from the Caribbean.
I'm West Indian, i was born in Grenada.
The Trini accent is my favourite West Indian accent.
You can't wear shoes inside in most West Indian households.
by A Random West Indian April 7, 2020
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Some one from the west indiesz for example Guyana, Trinidad, n Jamaica.. in other wordsz some1 from da Caribbean.
You goin to da West Indian parade?

You gotta be west indian by rockin those colorsz!
by Mizz Devilicious June 21, 2006
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The act of tieing 2 or more dicks and proceed to sling frozen period blood at friends and family.
Dude! Topher and jimmy did West Indian Sling to Matt!
by Chickenflucker69420 January 19, 2021
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This occurs when attempting to perform an East Indian Burn on your girlfriend's leg. The difference is that it is done after consuming too much Jerk Chicken and Red Stripe and results in sharting on your partner instead.
Usually results in an instant termination of the relationship.
" I think my girlfriend and I are done, dude. I tried to fart on her leg, and ended up giving her a West Indian Burn on her! Shouldn't have eaten at that Jamaican place last night."
by the Den of Iniquity December 6, 2006
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The sexual practice of one partner performing oral sex upon a male with the penis gripped between the feet, followed by said male ejaculating behind their partner's ear.
Don't look now, Ethel, but it seems that young man who is currently performing oral sex upon another with the penis gripped between the feet, followed by said male ejaculating behind their partner's ear is administering a West Indian Lime Pie.
by johnny aferos April 10, 2015
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1. A type of ass whooping that can only be delivered from some one of west indian decent. Unfortunately no one actually knows what it consists of because is kept very secretive and only taught to a selected few West Indian Children. No one that has suffered a west indian beatdown has lived to expose its contents. Its an ancient martial arts. Abbreviated as "WIBD".

2. Not many people know how to actually perform a West Indian Beatdown. But many people threaten their enemies with one in a desperate act to win an arguement/debate and strike fear in their opponents heart. Commonly an empty threat that can often be contested.
1. Nicole: What happened to steve?
Josh: Sharon gave him a west indian beatdown!

2. Nicole: Do you want a West Indian Beat Down?!?!
Josh: im not scared.. You ain't about that life ! -_-
by jayesquire March 6, 2013
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When a west-indian man approatches a female, (preferably a wealthy american wearing no knickers), and whisps a condom covered, pealed bananna up in to her vagina. Then whilst she opens her mouth to scream, whip her accross the chops with a large african style boot, (preferably DM's), by the laces. Once she is down an out, leave your boots by her side with the bananna pokeing out one of the boots.
Shaka Ree: "ehy mun, what gone happen to ya boots?"
Dakka Rae: "aw man, i had to go give dat bitch the West-Indian Safe Boot, i gev up ma shoes brudda!"
by Richy45Rich011 July 31, 2006
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