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Acknowledging to your friend that you understand what they are saying.
"The dance floor was just too slippery. Copy?"

by Snaplatts November 30, 2017

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An extremely attractive or cute girl.
Damn, that girls lookin like a snack. I'd eat that up in a second.
by Snaplatts December 31, 2017

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Live on my face.
That girl is so hot, I just want her to LOMF.
by Snaplatts November 04, 2017

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A group of super attractive women or men. Individually they are usually referred to as a snack
"That bar last night was a straight up vending machine man" -Riley
"How so?" -AP
"It had all the snacks in there" -Riley
by Snaplatts February 20, 2018

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Your Boy or Ya Boy.

Used to reference yourself or someone you know. Can be used for any gender.

Very popular slang word in St.Louis area.
"I haven't taken adderall in 20 days and YB is horny!!"

"Let YB on the ones and two's real quick"

"YB is back at it again with the white vans!!"
by Snaplatts January 25, 2018

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To steal home or "stealing home" is when you take your final shot with a girl. Commonly associated with sliding into her DM's for one last time.
"I've been getting mixed signals with this broad. Do I give it one last go?" -Riley
"At this point, all you can do is Steal Home man. Steal home and slide into her DM's. Worst thing that can happen is you get out. You got nothing to lose" - Art Vandelay
by Snaplatts January 12, 2018

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Seize the DM (Direct Messages)
"Riley, this chick keeps liking all my instagram pics and she is a smoke show. What's the move?"
"Carpe DM man. She wants it."
by Snaplatts December 09, 2017

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