48 definitions by Snaplatts

when your brain is fried and it becomes more difficult to think because you've been looking at memes for too long
ugh I have to get off instagram, I just looked at memes for a solid two hours, I can't even think, I feel like I have memeory loss
by Snaplatts July 12, 2018
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another way to say the phrase "lit up", which is slang for saying lets get drunk, rowdy, wild, etc.
Audy: there were still hundreds of people there at 5am and the cops had to break it up at sunset
AP: that's lite up
by Snaplatts February 05, 2021
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The act of making a sexual impression on someone so you can hit them up later down the road.

Related to "planting a seed"
"Aaron stop trying to hit on Roni we have to go" -Jules
"Can't you see I was planting over there?! Whatever, at least she'll be ready for it next time I see her" -Aaron
by Snaplatts February 20, 2018
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Waking up in the morning feeling horny. Hopefully leading to morning sex.
"I woke up so Morny today" -Leonardo
"So what did you do?" -Edward
"I told Mona Lisa to roll over because it was about to go down" -Leo
by Snaplatts July 12, 2018
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Experiencing nausea from trying to work out at Equinox when it's too crowded.
Friend 1: I don't even know why we pay for this gym anymore! Equinox is way too crowded!

Friend 2: I know it's making me feel noxseous!
by Snaplatts October 23, 2019
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When you are utterly destroyed or wiped out from getting too high.
"What happened to you last night? You were supposed to meet us for drinks" -AP
"My bad man, I got so damn high, I was absolutely obliterfaded" -Nick H.
by Snaplatts March 13, 2018
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