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When you are utterly destroyed or wiped out from getting too high.
"What happened to you last night? You were supposed to meet us for drinks" -AP
"My bad man, I got so damn high, I was absolutely obliterfaded" -Nick H.
by Snaplatts March 13, 2018
An extremely hot girl that you want to eat out for days.

She has so many toppings you don't know where to start.
"Holy shit did you just see that chick?"
"She was unreal"
"What a babe salad"
by Snaplatts December 1, 2017
To steal home or "stealing home" is when you take your final shot with a girl. Commonly associated with sliding into her DM's for one last time.
"I've been getting mixed signals with this broad. Do I give it one last go?" -Riley
"At this point, all you can do is Steal Home man. Steal home and slide into her DM's. Worst thing that can happen is you get out. You got nothing to lose" - Art Vandelay
by Snaplatts January 12, 2018
abbreviation / shortened version of the term "deadass"

Deadass means, "serious, for real, definitely, etc"
Riley: are you deadass about starting your own podcast? that shits gonna suck ass and you know it
AP: Oh I'm deady babyyyyy
by Snaplatts April 12, 2020
A woman or man, usually a woman, who is thicc (curvy and sexy) but also very athletic
damn did you see that girl Bianca? She mad athlethicc. She sexy and can cross anyone up.
by Snaplatts August 19, 2020
the ability to remember where pictures, screenshots & memes are in your phone based around the time that you received a nude from someone
AP: you're literally never going to find that meme, its been years
Louie: Bet, i have a pornagraphic memory and i know Emily sent me a nude right around the time I saved that meme
by Snaplatts January 19, 2021