EB games is a rundown store owned by an even shittier company called Gamestop. They usually are based in Canada and Australia. They sell video games and other video game merchandise to people. They have a secret though, they're actually Illuminati. EB Games takes your used games for about $5 dollars per game which you payed $60 dollars for. They then put them back on the shelves for $54.99. They call it a butt fucking. They also will hound you when you go into their stores and tell you to sign up for their member slapping rewards program. Usually when you sign up, the clerk will get up and slap you with their dick. You're now their bitch.
Whoa, hey guys! Welcome to EB Games! Call of Duty! Advanced Warfare! Xbox One! Copy that!
by Dinov February 10, 2015
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The lesser of 2 evils. It's either GameStop, or EB Games.

Though both do pay you nearly nothing for used games, EB Games tends to give more in-store credit for those who wish to do that instead of getting cold hard cash.

EB Games has a wider selection, more console support, and the customer service usually acts like customer service should, unlike GameStop where they try to sell you a bunch of extra stuff you don't need, and don't babble in your ear about their personal opinions.
EB Games Scenario

EB Games: Welcome. How may I assist you today?

Me: I just would like to get Battlefield 2 for PC.

EB Games: Alright, here you are, we index all of our games so we actually know what people are looking for.

Me: How much will this come to.

EB Games: Only about $10.

Me: Ah, that's nice.

EB Games: *Rings up game* Have a nice day.

Me: You too.

GameStop Scenario

GameStop: YO! What are you looking for today man?

Me: Just Battlefield 2 for PC.

GameStop: Nah man, get Battlefield 2142! Way better!

Me: No, I want Battlefield 2.

GameStop: Why? It's got future weapons!

Me: I already said, I want Battlefield 2.

GameStop: Do you have an ID to verify your age?

Me: You're kidding right?

GameStop: Sorry sir, we need ID for EVERYONE who buys games rated over E.

Me: I thought it was M.

GameStop: Alright sir calm down. If you don't have an ID I can't sell you the game.

Me: ...

GameStop: If you buy Battlefield 2142 I will not card you. ;-)

Me: LISTEN! I do NOT want to buy Battlefield 2142! I already own it, and I want Battlefield 2. I don't care to listen to your stories about how it's so much better. JUST RING UP MY DAMN GAME!

GameStop: Do you have ID?

Me: ...FUCK YOU. I'm going to EB Games. Have fun being a virgin forever, chicks don't like guys who masturbate to half-naked 3D characters in games. Do us all a favor, and just die.
by Da Milkman July 17, 2009
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Jimmy went to EB GAMES, and hes stuck in canada
by Darnville February 22, 2021
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