You dont have a clue what thier going on about
"my cars been stolen and I don't know what to do"
"I understand"
by Homer_d.b February 20, 2008
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You understand what the person is going through and you don’t want any conflict so you understand man (in sad matter).
Chris: I understand 😔
by Pepe1007 May 17, 2022
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Used in exasperation during an argument, with a notable impatience intended to slightly patronize the other party while furthering the speaker's other reasons.
Look, I didn't mean to shoot Marvin in the face.

I understand that, but that doesn't change the fact he's dead.
by Nobody0000 January 19, 2011
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Phrase used by persons who aren't really listening to you but wish to appear to be doing so. Usually used when on the telephone so neither of you is making eye contact.
You are telling a story and your friend, who hasn't responded the entire time, suddenly chimes in with "I understand that."
by your_nu February 3, 2010
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"Idk if I can be friends with someone who traumatized me enough to have a commitment issues.
Idk, dude. Shit's hard rn.
by 051818 January 13, 2022"
Ah now I understand why you wrote so.
They looked at her because they were curious of why you were with her? Not looking at her like the way they looked at me when I was by myself, alone and wanted to sit next to me but I always tried to avoid and even moved my chair further away?

My regular friend (not even close friend) is even better than this. I have to admit to myself that my sense has failed me big time this time. I should meditate more often instead of working life away like this in order to connect with my inner self, find more innner wisdom and have a better sense moving forward.

The post.

Tried to find something to blame on like circumstance/a person instead of taking a deep look into your own personality? I was alone for 18 years. Loneliness did not make me made mistake, why did you do it? It's all about personality.

I was very curious about coincidence and was willing to know more about you in order to help, and to understand more about coincidences. You never wanted to have a straight talk with me. Right? Always escaped, then assumed.

So many many many things to say. But I have realized that I have been very wrong. I have been wronged by you also.

Anyway, you can hide behind the keyboards, but the expressions don't lie in the pictures. You were not sad at all. I got it
by First Posts on UD Ever May 13, 2022
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(phrase used with extreme anger and distaste)a term used when you dont understand something but still make a dramatic effort to make it seem like you do, in fact, understand.
kid 1: "as my hair grows so does my personality"

kid with no clue: ..........

kid 2: i dont think he understands

kid with no clue: you don't think i understand!?
by johnny hash345 April 7, 2009
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This is a phrase used when confronted by a question pointing out a fault in you and you want to save face
"Wait, didn't you break up with josh last week ? Why were you on his snapchat last night?"
"..I don't understand the question"
by dflamee February 13, 2018
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