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Slang, usually used in radio transmissions such as military communications, meaning "I understand" or "I hear you." Synonymous with "I copy that." Often just "Roger"
-All Units, this is a Code Red. Return to base, over?
-Roger that. Heading to home.
by mash92587 November 13, 2005

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Amyl Nitrate. Refers to a small, usually brown bottle of solvents or the solvents themselves, which are sniffed, usually during homosexual sex by the bottom. Amyl Nitrate boosts blood pressure, relaxing the anus and making anal sex more comoftable. Also known as snappers.
Man, that guy uses poppers so much, i could fit my fist in his hole!
by mash92587 October 29, 2005

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Radio slang acknowledgement, meaning "i heard you" or "I understand." Synonymous with "Roger." Often shortened to "copy."
-Sir, we're aout to drop nuclear payload. Shall we proceed, over?
-Negative, you're to return to base immediately! We've got a sandstorm headed your way! Over.
-Repeat, that is a negative, return to base immediately. Do you copy?
-Copy that, HQ. Returning to base.
by mash92587 November 13, 2005

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To take someone's virginity. usually used in reference to breaking the hymen surrounding a virgin female's vagina, but also used in reference to gay sex and the first penetration of the anus. Term usually not used for female anal sex.
-I'm gonna pop the cherry on that gal!
-Dude, that's a guy.
-Same difference, as long as i pop something!
by mash92587 October 23, 2005

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adjective form of "the Cutting Edge."

When something is "cutting edge" is is at the current limits of scientific/technological/artistic progress. The newest and most advanced.
In 1903, the Wright Brothers used what were then cutting edge techniques, such as a wind tunnel, to design their plane.

This magazine is so cutting edge! It's so much cooler than those conservative, out-of date newspapers.
by MaSh92587 May 20, 2005

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A motel meant for having sex in. Check in, make out, check out again after a few hours. term "no-tell" comes from anonymity requested with such events. The motel won't say what goes on in it's rooms, but it's assumed to be sex.
Wanna check into a no-tell motel? Cheap hourly rates!
by mash92587 October 30, 2005

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Israeli slang for a non-combatant soldier who serves his nation by doing secretarial work, clerking, counting inventory, or some other "job"-like function. Generally used with a hint of derision, as if the jobnik is lazier than a fighter.
Female form: jobnikit.
Plural form: jobnikim.
You want to be a jobnik? That's gonna be so boring, doing that for three years.
by MaSh92587 May 20, 2005

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