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synonymous with "shooting fish in a barrel," relating to doing a task, often involving hunting or destroying an enemy, that is painfully easy.

Should not be used due to the inherent image of animal cruelty. Stick to the fish and barrel.
Shooting down enemy planes from an F-22 Raptor is like clubbing baby seals. It's that easy.
by mash92587 May 21, 2005
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"I… hit him repeatedly on the conk. My reason for this was that his conk was covered with carbuncles, and I thought I should vex him by taking such liberties with his conk—which in fact I did."

-Quoted from Thomas de Quincey, "On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts," first published 1827.
by mash92587 March 9, 2006
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Radio slang acknowledgement, meaning "i heard you" or "I understand." Synonymous with "Roger." Often shortened to "copy."
-Sir, we're aout to drop nuclear payload. Shall we proceed, over?
-Negative, you're to return to base immediately! We've got a sandstorm headed your way! Over.
-Repeat, that is a negative, return to base immediately. Do you copy?
-Copy that, HQ. Returning to base.
by mash92587 November 14, 2005
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1. A failed tv show about a world where humans and puppets (or, fabricated Americans) live together. They even can have sex with each other.
2. A bunny in that show who befriends a character played by Seth Green (gee, i wonder why it failed)
We can sing and dance, and we don't need pants, see we're just… like… you.
by mash92587 August 6, 2004
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Seven minutes later than real time. A comment on how classes at Harvard start 7 minutes after they are listed (example: at 10:07 instead of at 10:00) to allow time for students who must cross the campus from one class to another.
TF: Tim, you're late for section.
Tim: But it's only 4:02? Come on, what about Harvard Time?
by mash92587 October 15, 2006
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Israeli slang for a non-combatant soldier who serves his nation by doing secretarial work, clerking, counting inventory, or some other "job"-like function. Generally used with a hint of derision, as if the jobnik is lazier than a fighter.
Female form: jobnikit.
Plural form: jobnikim.
You want to be a jobnik? That's gonna be so boring, doing that for three years.
by mash92587 May 21, 2005
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