n. Where, at night (or during the day when kids aren't around) people, usually teenagers, go to smoke weed and/or drink.

v. To go to a park and ingest marijuana and/or alcohol.
Hey, want to go get high in that park?

Hey, want to park tonight?
by BehindtheL October 20, 2010
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A park is a common place where people go to walk, play, or catch the sun. It's normally a playground for younger children.
"Let's go to Lincon Park, and walk the dogs."
by Juicey Juise March 22, 2007
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a place to play basketball or go in the zeebo and make fun of fat whale kids and scumbags named greg lofgren
im goin ot go to the park to shoot around
by k22spider November 11, 2006
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Originally started as a 'Trailer Park Boys' reference, Park can be used to replace practically any positive descriptive adjective.

Park is also interchangeable with the word fuck, therefore making the use of this word very versatile.
"Dude, that hiking trip was so fucking park! I had a great time."

"Im getting drunk tonight, its going to be so park"

Q:"What did you and sally do last night?
A:"Nothing, but I parked the shit out of her"
by Canadian_Parker February 24, 2009
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