hesoo park
by bakseoo September 9, 2003
to have sex in a car
Alan: Lets park and i'm not talking about just the car!
by tonigreen September 8, 2005
a place to play basketball or go in the zeebo and make fun of fat whale kids and scumbags named greg lofgren
by k22spider November 11, 2006
stop, cease, refrain from saying or doing
A: Why you jockin' me?
B: Whoa. Park that. Ain't nobody jockin' you!
by beesknees2 February 8, 2009
Someone who generally has a large penis and gets a lot of ladies.
Look at that park over there, bringin' in all of the babes.
by Cack McHorny January 4, 2009
guy one: park this!
guy two: park you!
guy one: park me? park me? no park your mom!
guy two: park off jew!


oh my park! this parking park park is so park.
by the park clan July 3, 2010
"Crap" more or less spelled backwards. A command used to tell a dog to "do its business", usually while on leash. Guide dogs are trained to recognize this command. see also parking lot
I'm going to have dinner, but first I have to park Lexie.
by sambarnes October 31, 2008