Louis William Tomlinson or simply Louis Tomlinson, widely known as loubear, Tommo the tease etc is home to a lot. One of the best lyricist born till date with very angelic voice is also referred to as THE SUN. Member of the boyband with most loyal fan base is the diva of the group with an ass better than that of any Kardashian. His first album "walls" is one of the best albums that will ever be released in the history of man-kind. Also wide-known for his charity works and football skills. You can buy and stream walls; the debut album on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. One of the best creations of God; LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON.
Louis William Tomlinson;an angel known for his kind deeds and singing, donates over €2m to children's charity at Cinderella ball with mum Johannah.
by FearlessTommo October 20, 2020
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Band Member of One Direction and Harry Styles' Boyfriend. HE is the Oldest of the group. He comes from Doncaster and he was a part of The Doncaster Rovers Team of Soccer. He is like the Diva of the Group.
"Hi, I'm Louis William Tomlinson From One Direction"
by FrenchStylator December 1, 2013
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former member of one direction. hes the cutest handsome and sexiest man in this earth. hes a sun cause he shines so bright. his voice is like an angel. hes been through alot yet he doesnt give up.
hanna: bro louis william tomlinson is so fucking sexy and adorable at the same time, ill let him step on me and id thank him
lucy: what
amber: what
by louist278 December 13, 2020
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