a line or area between two places which is usually closed off or illegal to cross.
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State of being more bored that something less bored.
If I'm looking at this site about blu-tack cats, and they're bored, what does that make me? Oh yeah, border.
by Dug Stokes November 25, 2003
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the entrance to the country that is COMPLETELY FUCKING WORTHLESS because stupid ass ilegal imigrants move across it every day...
by mr. johnny January 18, 2005
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A person who is staying at your house, jackin your food and taking up space
Ya man, I got this new border at my house, hes an idiot.
by Craig Houston January 7, 2004
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swear to god, definitely true, not lying; originated in northeast massachusetts
"I crashed my car today."
"You did?"
"True, true."
by lepelope October 14, 2003
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Large corporate bookstore that are frequently seen in Suburban areas. Very similar to Barnes and Noble. They have all sorts of books, cd's, accessories, and a cafe with some great food. The atmosphere tends to be very liberal, and a huge bloc of clientel/staff are college students.
I went to Borders not for the books, but to eat at the cafe... damn good sandwiches!
by W.C.'s Own July 12, 2006
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