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jonny jonny. he ate sugar. and that was the end of him
jonny jonny ,yes papa,eating sugar,no papa,open wide , a a a
by #unicornfarts September 18, 2018
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Scavenging the shit out of someones food pantry leaving them with no more food and pissed off.
"Yo Marshawn lets go Jonnying at Millers house".
by Tre'Shawn Deandre March 18, 2015
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The Jonny's is when you take a huge hit of weed, but then start throwing up and shaking, and coughing hard. Last about 2 minutes.
Alex: hey tony u just took a one hit wonder (Gravity bong)
Tony: yeah I think I'm gonna get The Jonnys
Jonny:he he threw up (bhllllleeeee)
by tony9999992 August 25, 2013
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Jonni is a guy name. But there's a lot of girls with this name. A girl who's name is Jonni is very gorgeous, beautiful, hot, sexy and pretty. It's kind of hard to please a Jonni, a Jonni doesn't like very many people. Jonni is very stylish, and probably every guy think's she is etleast cute. A Jonni has HUGE boobs, and a nice body. And Jonni's are usaully nice if she is in a good mood. And a Jonni is probably the biggest bitch if she's in a bad mood. And a Jonni never stop's smiling or laughing!!!!!!!
by icanmakeyourbedROCK February 12, 2010
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The most amazing Person ever! You can Tell him everything and trust him with! He's funny and extremly nice! Hes going to be a good friend for a long time! If not a bestfriend! He might appear quiet at first but once you have met him a few times he's crazy!
Dan: who's that crazy kid?!
Jack: it's Jonny!
by 1233443 January 6, 2012
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Probably the best person ever, a total goof but so sweet and caring. Very attractive and adorable. Has the best lashes and brows EVER, like what the hell how is that possible. Also a fucking beast at running, also unknown on how the hell its possible. Just a pretty great dude.
Yo, who dat fast boi
Dude that jonny
by alwayshereforyall December 1, 2017
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Generally has a bigger cock then a justin
wow, he is more hung then justin, he is JONNY!!!
by Јɘʂʊʂ May 31, 2009
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