(adj) Used to describe a person who seems to have some type of sixth sense when it comes to not getting caught up in some illegal and/or immoral deeds. Very difficult, hard, and/or burdensome to catch, if at all; very slick, clever, and/or cunning.
Jerry was the most slippery son of a bitch in the neighborhood. When the police raided the pool hall last Friday everyone in that mother fucker was arrested and went to jail. Everyone that is except Jerry's slippery ass, mother fucker's charmed I tell you.
by Nikki Stixx March 1, 2020
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1. Tending or liable cause of slipping or slidding caused by ice, oil, or wet surface
2. something you cause slipping or slidding on the bathroom floor after you jack off, masterbate, or jerked.
1. "that road was slippery"
2. "ah dude, why the f*** did you make the floor all slippery??"
by thom1005 May 2, 2007
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oil up your water bed (using baby oil) and you'll have the best sex you've ever had
by Alexius November 6, 2003
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when things are about to go down.
Damn, after I jacked those rocks, the cops were hot on my ass, and it was hella slippery
by curtis osambo November 19, 2003
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A derogatory nickname for Long John Silver's seafood restaurants. The nickname comes from the fact that the food is very greasy and therefore slippery.
If you're really desperate for food, we could go to Slippery's.
by Eckhard Gerdes December 21, 2006
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