A very great quantity of anything that takes up space. 10x bigger than a buttload , yet smaller than a boatload (the largest mass quantity)
Old AOL is putting out truckloads of those blasted CD's
by FinalPhoenix October 9, 2003
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The load a truck is capable of carrying.

Usually used to create emphasis by exaggeration.
There are truckloads of people in McDonalds, could you save us a seat in the cafe instead?

I have truckloads of work to finish, I don't know where to start!
by Suzy' November 9, 2009
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An example of how watching the English version of Anime can distort the intended message.
"Dude, this is so bad! It's not like the original version at all."

"What a truckload of paperclips."
by AliveRyanDunn March 15, 2012
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Another way of saying someone has a large butt
"Look at that ass, she's got a truckload back there"
by Walmart_YMCA May 21, 2020
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