when something is really enjoyable such as a movie, game, food, drink, etc..

someone who looks attractive or what they are wearing is attractive like their clothes, accessories, perfume, makeup, etc..

this panini with chicken, melted cheese, and tomatoes is damn good!

whoa! you look damn good!

by pooponyou83 March 16, 2009
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Aka the flying potato, raspberry tea lover, peanut butter addict, good thinker, genius, llama friend and worshipper of the almighty Shellz0rz.
Person 1: Eve is damn good.
Person 2: Word up! I like taking my pants off in the rain.
by MandM June 2, 2006
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when that shnizzy mizzy got all sticky on your shit.
Rorie, that's a damn good joint .
by Trip Levine April 28, 2007
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An experience or item believed to be spectacular based on previous experience or possession.
That kiss from Dave was Damn Good Cookie (#DGC) ! The Syrah is Damn Good Cookie (#DGC).
by #DGC August 8, 2014
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A way to compliment one's look or appearance.
Amanda: "How do i look babe?"
Johnny: "You look damn Daniel good baby!"
by DaddyGrey March 25, 2017
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The most memorable song from Office Space, and a good example of when rap can actually be good.
Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta has a kicking awesome beat that I like to get down to when I am chilling with all my niggers at the country club.
by God December 12, 2004
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