A being that has all the thiccness in his/her fat booty
He has all the thiccness
She still your thiccness
by @Donald.faurschou November 5, 2017
(Pronounced Thick) The appearance of a very seductive female with a large ass, in most cases the woman will have a pair of large thighs.
by Thicc boi Austin November 14, 2017
A girl who has large thighs and a fat ass.
Sometimes they also have big boobsas well.
Guy 1: Did you see Vanessa just walk by?
Guy 2: Yeah she got hella thicc over the summer
by that.one.nigga August 1, 2020
Curvey. Not skinny or fat but has some nice thighs
Girl: Do these jeans make me look fat?
Boy: No but you look mighty juicy. Damn you slim thicc
Girl: Oh, thank you
by Slimmythiccy230 October 15, 2017
A nice curvy body not fat not thin, Thicc.
Thanos: Have you seen my mom around?
Melvin: No but she one Thicc bih!
by SheThicc.x July 5, 2018