A song by the one and only King of Thiccness Mr. Louis William Tomlinson.

Can be said as Copy^3 .
Hey have you listened to Copy of a copy of a copy yet ? its really damn good.
by lizyn January 11, 2021
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person 1: “yo we gotta go to the park later

person 2: “copy copy”
by ayochillllll June 20, 2020
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When you say I understand in military speak, you say Copy that.

When you say Woah, hey guys, welcome to EB Games, and the customers want to order something, you say Copy that.
Cashier: Hello and welcome to EB Games, can I help you?
Customer: I'd like to order a Black Ops 3 JuggerNog edition, Gears of War Remastered, Battlefield 1 for the PC, and an Overwatch: Origins Edition for XBOX One.
Cashier: Copy that.
by Copy That August 25, 2016
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Acknowledging to your friend that you understand what they are saying.
"The dance floor was just too slippery. Copy?"

by Snaplatts December 1, 2017
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Radio slang acknowledgement, meaning "i heard you" or "I understand." Synonymous with "Roger." Often shortened to "copy."
-Sir, we're aout to drop nuclear payload. Shall we proceed, over?
-Negative, you're to return to base immediately! We've got a sandstorm headed your way! Over.
-Repeat, that is a negative, return to base immediately. Do you copy?
-Copy that, HQ. Returning to base.
by mash92587 November 14, 2005
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'Copi' is West Indian slang for friends or crew. A derivative of 'companions'.
"Ya nah see Jonny wid him copi dem"

"Didn't you see Jonny's crew?"
by Young J'Ro January 2, 2006
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Hear and comprehend, as in verbal communication. Radio slang used to determine the proper transfer of a message. Proper responses would run along the lines of "Roger." or "I copy."
"We've got to get this truckload of cow parts through the state border by dawn, copy?."
by ryon January 30, 2004
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