Pervert, groper. Usually used in reference to furtive groping and sexual assaults that have become a frequent danger and annoyance on Japanese subways.
"kane wa chikan desu!"
by Me June 13, 2003
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A popular dish made only in Argentina, using chicken, but called chikan using roots of other spices used in the recepie (i.e. a-anchovies)
In Argentina, I akooked chikan inabukshelf.
by ARGENTINA September 27, 2003
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An edible mammal that can be eaten alive and still be nutritious and tasty. It's taste is indescribable and delicious. It tastes better than bagpipes and is its shape and anatomy resemble that of a mix between a Rooster and Martha Stewart.
"I ate a Chikan and then shortly after I turned into last years chess competition champion"
by Jace December 7, 2003
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A term used for old guys on subways in Tokyo that sidle up to girls and totally violate them by groping them or going as far as to finger girls wearing skirts with no underwear, I know a girl that happened to and she said that as disgusting as it was it gave her the biggest orgasm she ever had...she muffled it by burying her mouth into her arm and leaning up against the door of the train...
Anatta wa chikan deshou!! Hentai Hentai!! Chikan deshou! Chikan!!!

When something like that is yelled out on the subway it is usually followed by the guy being escorted to a Koban and arrested...
by Tony Montana April 24, 2004
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An offensive word; can be used to offend anyone is any way; can be used for slut, bitch and many more offensive words

Created by: Me, Daniela, Regina, Assantia
God Morton is being such a chikan

“I know that chikan”
by Yourachikan August 8, 2019
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When you bang a guy, guy on guy action, to the point where the other guy is paralyzed from head to toe. Usually getting it up the ass, maybe coming out from the mouth.
After the gay guys Chikan Wang'd each other, one of them ended up in the hospital being crippled for life with no chance of recovering. No way he's standing up from that, he might as well be staying in his death bed for the rest of his life.
by jodeboy51 January 25, 2019
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