kane is a very cool and cute dude. His eyes are as pretty and blue as the sky. He is so funny and he can make you laugh on your worst day. He was a present from Jesus Christ . Nobody has every seen a prettier thing than kane
Person: "omg are you ok!? Why are you shaking on the floor!?"
Me: oml Kane just talked to meeee, he's sO fRiCkIn CuTe!"
by yeet.yeet.69 February 10, 2019
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A name you would call someone, if they were very awsome beyond beleif.
Dude, dont even try to talk to him, hes so kane.
by renn March 2, 2005
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The name given to the most incredible boy ever alive! He is exxxxxxtremely funny, & makes me physcially laugh out loud. He has got the most amazing blue eyes which i would litchrally die for. He has the best taste in musicc & thinks lady gaga is sexyyy! His future career will be an underwear model cos he iz well phit, and everyone wants his sweet sweet ass!

i love you, kane
person: man hes hot
me: hes got nothing on kane ;)
by itsbecky March 1, 2010
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The sinister bald-headed, goatee-sporting leader of the terrorist group "Brotherhood of N.O.D." in the Command & Conquer series. Played by Joseph Kucan.
kane is the leader of NOD
by dugald December 1, 2004
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-verb, transitive
1. to eat very quickly, especially in excess quantities
2. to eat with no regard for one's own well being
Mike just kaned those two pumpkin pies!
by citizenkane November 30, 2008
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The best possible example of something.
A Platonic ideal.
To be of discernibly higher quality than all other related things.

The film Citizen Kane, said to be the preeminent form of filmic endeavors, and it's subsequent invocation in describing the quality of other things.
"Dude, that play in this sports match we are watching was kane!"

"Did you see that crazy kaner punch that bear in the face?! That bear didn't stand a chance!"

"Half-Life is the kanest game ever made."
by Joseph Pulitzer January 12, 2010
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a seven foot freak, who is really ugly,and works for WWE.
kane is fried
by fgusdvgbfgj March 2, 2004
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