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You are Rather Dashing, a peasant who returns from vacation to find his thatch roofed cottage...BURNINATED! You swear revenge on an epic journey to vanquish the Burninator Once and for all! From the company that made that game Trogdor, and that game Rabbit Algebra, comes a graphical text adventure of rather large preportions.
>throw baby
> get berries
by Jace July 28, 2004

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A character from BBC's The Office played brilliantly by Mackenzie Crook who always gets the piss taken out of him (even though he probably always deserves it) by office-mate Tim Canterbury.
Used to be in the Territorial Army, and now works at Wernham-Hogg paper company in Slough where he is Assistant Regional Manager... erm, excuse me, Assistant TO the Regional Manager.
Remember when Tim put Gareth's stapler in jello in episode 1?
by Jace March 25, 2005

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otherwise known as a queef
muff grunt: an adolescent boy describing a vaginal fart to another adolescent boy
by jace January 29, 2004

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1. Being a Packer fan
2. Lying about what really happened
3. Punching walls cause "I'M DRUNK"
Bryan is the queen of shame.
by Jace June 09, 2003

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Alcohol hidden in Kool Aid So you can sneak it past security.
Harry snuck the Gigglewater intro the theater.
by Jace August 11, 2003

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A shame dance is invoked when an action of shame has ocured. This could be saying, doing, or feinting something johio style dumb. You then make your way to a corner, put your head down in shame, and shuffle around a bit, IN SHAME!
Fremo did something dumb and was forced to do a shame dance.
by Jace June 04, 2003

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1) An Italian sugar company that produces the finest sugar in Eurasia. All othr sugars are lame, it puts them all to shame! It's delicious.
2) a Noun, Proper Noun, Verb, Adjective or Adverb that just..means nothing in general.
1) I made these cookies with Moma Chi Zebra!
2) Moma Chi Zebra HAS YOU!
by Jace December 07, 2003

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