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"She's a real dish."
by x January 31, 2003
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"To dish" is a verb that loosely means "to rant" It is generally used in informal settings and is less forceful than "to bitch" but is more forceful than "to discuss."
I called up Jake because I wanted to dish about the football game.
by jt1234567890 April 13, 2016
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You slept with how many people last night? Gimmie the dish, sista!
by Spyrochaete November 15, 2003
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A girl who has it all. Looks, personality, intelligence, and looks.
Hey man, you know Sally? Well let me tell you, that broad is a dish.
by J - N'Hampsha August 13, 2007
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1. The most vile and unacceptable chore known to all people still living at home with their parents.

2. A chore that is required by most parents for their children so that they may earn a lousy allowance.

3. Something that needs to be clean so that one may eat.
1. I fucking hate the dishes!

2. Parent: Do the damn dishes!
Child: But I don't want to!
Parent: Do them or you won't get your three cents allowance!
Child: FUCK YOU!

3. Child: I'm hungry but there's no clean dishes to eat with.
Parent: Then clean them!
by Timbolicious November 19, 2007
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