1. To be secretive or conspicuous.
2. A rather naughty Polar Bear commonly seen on B3ta dot com.
What are those two doing in the bushes over there? They look pretty furtive to me.
by Canker June 3, 2003
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Shifty looking Polar Bear mascot of B3TA.com. See also 'No Hands'
Furtive's liver is the most deadly substance known to man.


by Miles Pieri January 23, 2004
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A Twitch Streamer who is more chill than a fridge.
Normie: "Hey man do you watch Twitch.tv?"

Sliam: "Yeah man, but only Furtive."
by Ape-Nation May 15, 2018
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a sly yet secretive gentleman's pleasure by hand and cock
guy 1 ' what the fuck you ding you cunt?'

guy 2 ' shit! what the fuck '

guy 1 ' put it away you dick, your a furtive wanker'
by hank grolok February 3, 2012
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A fiendish polar bear with a minigun that shoots out flaming kittens. Beware, he will steal your food.

In Tales of the Blode on rathergood.com, he was a prime antagonist.
by Crabby McCrab-Crabberson June 26, 2005
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