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Daniela is one of the most silliest girls you will ever meet usually Hispanic most have curly or wavy hair she has a god damn beautiful smilethat makes her even more beautiful .She has a very cute and fun taste in clothes she may not be the most popular girl around but she's still really fun to be around with, have one night with her it will be one of the best days of your life.Daniela is known to be a little weirdo as y'all should know but that's part of what makes her uniqueshes a very funny person.You can tell her any of your secrets and she will keep them she may tease you about it and threaten to tell anybody but she won't its annoying as hell but funny .She's also very shy the first times of meeting her trust me I was even lucky just to meet her and get to know her but thanks to meeting her I have met my friend to the end DANIELA !
"Daniela is a great person"
by Pris1209 May 02, 2018
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An awesome girl all around. Has her group of friends that she loves, but she has a few enemies. She can be the nicest person on the world but piss her off its your funeral. She doesn't take shit from no one. But other than that she is very loving and super funny.
Hey, I just met Daniela. She is awesome! :)
by brutally_honest July 18, 2015
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She is every guys dreams. She may be sassy, but she's very classy. She's really funny & outgoing. She's also really beautiful! She may not be perfect, but she is worth it. She'll love you & she'll always be with you. To help. She's such a sweetheart.
I could really use Daniela right now.
by Lalaloopsi April 16, 2015
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Daniela, She's a Beautiful, Outgoing and Loving Girl. She will always care and love you. She's the Greatest Girlfriend any guy will ever have, Shes an amazing and trusting friend too. Shes not perfect but Shes so close. She has an Amazing Personality ! Did I mention Shes an Amazing Kisser ? ;D
Jonathan; Damn, Look at Daniela !


Jose; Yeah, I wanna put my lips on Her's ! ;D
by BangBang3hunna April 23, 2013
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Pretty girl. A girl who is good in bed. A girl who is active and keeps her body in shape. A beautiful girl with a nice smile. She loves hard and will love you like no other.
"I want to be a Daniela"
by Xoxoxoxoanon December 18, 2013
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The most awesome girl you will meet ever in the history of ever.She will love you like no other. Mary Jane with you and make love like no other. Find her. Keep her. She's amazing and did I mention she's beautiful?
I'm never letting go of my Daniela.
by Endurance1 February 24, 2009
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Daniela's are beautiful confident teenagers that are not always the most fun person but will always put a smile on your face when you see her, usually Romanian, usually small in height but with a great body.
Daniela's are usually great for
That Daniela is so lovely her boyfriend shouldn't have dumped her
by Tomthebom January 06, 2013
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