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Regina is one of, if not the most gorgeous girls you will ever meet like she's beautiful, Regina's tend to be caring, loyal,smart, lovable, unique,honest, basically amazing and the greatest thing ever.They give amazing advise and fight for what they think is right.when you first meet her she will be very quiet and shy but as time passes by she opens herself up to you. Although she's amazing and beautiful she's been heart broken many times but she does find that one person who loves her and treats her right.If you ever meet a Regina don't let her go because she's the greatest thing that will ever happen to you.
Person 1: OMG dude she's perfect
Person 2: because she's a Regina
by Ilikefood😊😊 November 11, 2018
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Gorgeous, smart, unique, & lovable. Is really good with becoming friends with others. Is very fashionable. Is very lovable. Gets compliments daily. Has haters trying to put her down but she always keeps her head up high. Always has that special glow that makes her stand out & doesn't mind being different.
Regina wonders why there are haters when you can be a lover ?
by Bitches_hate_24/7 February 20, 2013
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Regina is a amazing person.She always helps her friends in the worst situations and if she’s involved she doesn’t care just as long as they are ok.And that’s really big of her!And she doesn’t care about what people say about her.Which is one of the most amazing thing about her!Amd if you are her friend you are very lucky to have her.
Regina is a amazing person.
by Wlakamkamsjsnsnenenene April 23, 2019
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The most beautiful Spanish name for a girl.she will possibly be a beautiful short girl, who might be a bitch sometimes,but she has a heart of gold,she is very outgoing,but sometimes likes to stay alone,and she is a person who you can tell everything to and she will never judge you.She also loves traveling and learning about the world.
Girl: Have you met the new girl called Regina?
Boy:No,but I bet she's beautiful.
by ShakiraFan123 July 03, 2011
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Regina is a cute, gorgeously nice, and caring girl. She can be weird but in a cool way. She is very smart. She likes to give hugs so feel free to walk up to her with your problems and she will try to help. She is the best listener so she makes the best best-friend ever! Many guys like her secretly but never say. She acts proper and polite but when someone upsets her she can throw some hands. She will endlessly support you and will do anything for you to smile. Yes, she plays sports and video games; she is quite the competitive/cheer spirit. Also a guy named mathew or jonah probably like her but never say.
"Regina is smart"
"She will help you (regina)"
by GamerK1230 May 14, 2019
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The Latin word for Queen. Often used to refer to Mary, mother of Jesus. Nicknames for women named Regina include Jean and Gina.
Vivat regina is Latin for long live the queen.
by arcetype July 27, 2006
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